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New iPad Features 5-Megapixel Camera and 1080p Video

Apple just announced it’s new iPad (which, surprisingly, is neither the iPad 3 nor the iPad HD) and the iSight camera? Well, it’s going to be amazing. The current camera in the iPad 2 is woefully inadequate, but the new camera is on par with the high-quality camera found in the iPhone 4S. It features a 5-megapixel backside illuminated sensor, a five element lens, an IR filter built right into the A5X chip, auto exposure, and auto focus. In short, it’s going to take incredible photos, and you’re probably going to see a lot more people out and about taking photos with their iPads. And of course, we can’t overlook the new video addition, which records in 1080p. That’s an amazing resolution for a mobile device, and we can’t wait to see what kind of things people will do with the new iPad.