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No Checkered Flag For Super Night City Drag Racing

March 14, 2012
Super Night City Drag Racing by Anton Sinelnikov icon

Super Night City Drag Racing ($0.99) by Anton Sinelnikov is a barebones two-dimensional drag racing game. When I mean barebones, I mean that there are no bells and whistles to this game, at all. Super Night City Drag Racing lacks the ability to do anything, but race. Some might find this to be a blessing (children), yet most people who are going to spill the dollar for this game are hoping to have a little bit of customization over their vehicle and the ability to unlock achievements.

The game opens up with no menu screen. It puts players right onto the track waiting for the green light at the starting line. On the interface, you will see a speedometer (MPH), a tachometer (RPM), a shifting pattern of six gears, a timer, and a tacky city landscape off in the distance.

Super Night City Drag Racing by Anton Sinelnikov screenshot

Your car? A black, four-door hatchback Mazda lookalike.

Opponent’s car? The same car as yours, but in an iMessage blue bubble color.

You have no options to change your car make, paint it a different color, or even modify engine components for strategic racing. Like I explained earlier, it’s barebones. Heck, you don’t even get a gas pedal! The only control your finger gets is to shift the gears.

Each race, if shifted correctly, lasts approximately 18 to 19 seconds. It’s a “wham bam thank you ma’am” type of quick. It’s not even enough time to feel any adrenaline start pumping.

Oh, did I mention this game is barebones?

Racing fans love to hear the roar of a cars engine and the screeching of the tires. In this game though, there is no sound whatsoever. I thought my volume was turned all the way down when I began playing the game, but to my disbelief, it was turned all the way up.

Super Night City Drag Racing by Anton Sinelnikov screenshot

Even if this game were free, I still wouldn’t have it on any home screen of mine.

The only positive to owning this game is if you have a young child who wants to steal your iOS device away from you for a few moments and put the pedal to the medal. Even if that is the case, there are many other free racing game alternatives in the App Store.

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