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Pebble Universe: A Rock-Solid Puzzle Game For All Ages

Pebble Universe: A Rock-Solid Puzzle Game For All Ages

March 8, 2012
Pebble Universe by icon

Pebble Universe ($0.99) by is an adorable and addictive puzzle game that was released earlier today. This game, for all iOS devices, comes packed in its shell with exciting, yet sometimes challenging, levels that will keep the fun flowing for all age groups. Think along the lines of Angry Birds, but with pebbles instead of those furry flyers.

The menu interface is simple and pleasing to the eye. It comes with the standard puzzle game approach of selecting a world, and then completing the levels within each world.

Pebble Universe by screenshot

In the game, these soot-black one-eyed floating monsters want nothing less than to capture and destroy the pebbles. The pebbles need to come together, use their heads (literally), and fend off these terrifying monsters. The way this is done is a rather simple concept.

Timing is everything. Levels begin with pebbles placed strategically in two or three different locations. Players must tap a pebble to have them begin rolling. This is where it gets tricky. The player must then tap another pebble from a different location in hopes of having them collide at the precise position, resulting in their heads exploding into pieces and allowing their debris to hit and destroy the monsters. Instead of getting three stars like Angry Birds or Cut The Rope, you get a red ribbon for destroying all of the monsters and a trophy if you reach the desired score for the level.

The 50 standard levels (25 in each of the two worlds) are filled with different landscapes, architecture, and number of monsters to be destroyed. On top of all of that, players will have to utilize small fans to speed up pebbles, sponges that act like trampolines to send the pebbles flying, and large propellers to keep the debris afloat.

Pebble Universe by screenshot

Each level ends when either you destroy all of the monsters, destroy all of the “royal” monsters (crowns on their heads), or run out of pebbles resulting in a loss. Also, keep your eye out for yellow flowers, as these will reward players with hidden levels!

Players will unlock a total of five different types of pebbles, all accompanied with their own style of offensive attacks: The smaller and bigger pebbles are the most common and the weakest. The sniper pebble shoots straight into the air for precision shots, whereas the splitting pebble is a close quarters juggernaut that showers debris over a larger area. And the baddest of them all, the cluster pebble, is a hot, exploding ball of wreckage that can do some serious damage.

Although Pebble Universe can appear too simple at times, it kept my fingers glued to the game until I completed each and every level. If you’re a puzzle game fan of any age, this game is rock solid and worth its introductory price of $0.99! Now, quit reading this and head to the App Store!

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