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Photojojo Launches iPhone Remote, Shutter Grip, And Boom Mic For When Your iPhone Can't Do It Alone

Photojojo Launches iPhone Remote, Shutter Grip, And Boom Mic For When Your iPhone Can't Do It Alone

March 6, 2012
Photojojo is always a good place to find some goofy (if not useful) accessories to enhance  your iPhone's camera. Of course, there are the fisheye, wide-angle, and macro lenses, and even the over-the-top SLR lens mount. Let's turn the wackiness down just a (tiny) bit and take a look at Photojojo's new offerings from Belkin: the iPhone remote ($40), shutter grip ($40), and boom mic ($40). Before going any further, I should note that these accessories only work with Belkin's free LiveAction app. iPhone Remote ($40)

The remote pairs with your iPhone via Bluetooth and can be operated from up to 30 feet away. Part of the remote can be detached to use as a stand. Group shots, time-lapse, and stop motion videos would probably benefit most from this. iPhone Shutter Grip

If for some reason, tapping the on-screen shutter or volume up buttons may be too difficult for you to do without shaking, the iPhone Shutter Grip is there. It connects to your iPhone's 30-pin dock connector and can fit over most cases. There are photo and video buttons on the shutter grip, so no screen tapping is required if you decide you want to stop snapping and start recording. iPhone Boom Mic

The boom mic may be the most legitimately useful accessory of the bunch, in my opinion. It connects to your iPhone's headphone jack and can be adjusted to accommodate most cases. The boom mic be set to directional (multi-layered sounds; concerts) or super-directional (more precise recording). No more background noise to mess up your on-the-go interviews! Again, these will only work with Belkin's LiveAction app, which means if you have a photography app of choice you're out of luck. The iPhone remote, shutter grip, and boom mic are all available on Photojojo for $40 each.

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