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Air Jump, A Side Scrolling Endless Jumper For Those With A Calm Demeanor

Air Jump, A Side Scrolling Endless Jumper For Those With A Calm Demeanor

March 13, 2012
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Air Jump ($0.99) by Avallon Alliance Ltd. is an endless runner game…er, well, and endless jumper game that is full of side scrolling adventure. Bounce your way to new heights, but watch out for spitting worms and flying birds. They will knock you to the ground.

Air Jump by Avallon Alliance Ltd. screenshot

Players control a bouncing yellow creature named Sylf that collects points by jumping onto platforms with certain colored gems underneath. Using tilt controls, move Sylf forward faster by tilting toward the right, or slower by tilting toward the left. Sylf bounces automatically, but for a super bounce, or to hop across the sky without a platform, tap the screen and it will jump around, even in mid air.

Instead of the level ending, players meet Master Zen Bao when they reach a totem. He gives some friendly words of advice about how to avoid danger and earn points. To get from one totem to the next, players must earn a certain amount of points.

Players must reach 35,000 points to get to the “wide boundless” area, which is something I was unable to reach because it is so difficult to get through the game. Players get three lives before the game ends and they must start from the very beginning again, with no saved points.

This is a very frustrating game. It is fun and challenging, but once you discover that you have to start all over again from the very beginning without points being saved, it gets annoying. I found myself not even wanting to try again because I knew I would just have to start over.

It would have been better if the game saved between totems, allowing players to progress and not lose everything. Unfortunately, this turns what is otherwise a very fun game into something unmemorable. It is only $0.99, so fans of endless runner games may find my review to be too harsh. If you’re patient and don’t get annoyed easily, check it out and tell me whether you disagree.

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