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Take To The Skies To Take Down Your Opponents In Air Wings

Take To The Skies To Take Down Your Opponents In Air Wings

March 8, 2012
Air Wings™ by Pangea Software, Inc. icon

Air Wings™ (Free) by Pangea Software, Inc. is like "Top Gun," but with paper airplanes. Go head to head with other players online as you fling your paper airplane into the air and blast them out of the sky.

The game offers two modes, training and battle. Training mode is highly recommended before flying with the big boys. In this mode, you're on your own in a large warehouse as you become familiar with flying.

You'll also have a chance to try out the different weapons. There's no time limit, and you can do whenever you'd like, so definitely invest the time in learning the ins and outs.

Air Wings™ by Pangea Software, Inc. screenshot

Your arsenal consists of a straw for shooting spitballs, heat seeking pencil missiles, firecrackers, suction cups, and rubber bands (used for ricochet shots).

The spitballs are your default weapon, though they have limited ammunition, so you'll need to find the bigger weapons as they float above flashlights.

A variety of planes are offered, though the kicker is that only the "Dart" model (your standard paper airplane) is free. Buying plane packs will unlock planes that range in different abilities from improved speed to more firepower.

The Dart is decent enough for the free experience. Really, skilled flying will be your best weapon.

This game is all about multiplayer action. A Game Center account is required, which will be used to match you against other players. Once you're in, you can use voice chat to talk to or taunt your opponents.

However, I ended up turning this feature off because either people didn't realize the mic goes live by default (providing distracting background sounds of dinners being made), or the other player just ends up being a smug nerd.

Even though the variety of multiplayer arenas are large, identifying your opponent's location can be done through the map display in the corner, as well as by keeping a weather eye open for the big yellow band that hovers around them.

Admittedly, my initial multiplayer experiences didn't provide much satisfaction on my end (though I'm sure on my opponent's). It wasn't that I kept getting shot down. I actually kept smacking into things.

For example, cinder blocks are present in many of the levels. I tried flying through the square gaps in them, but always ended up clipping the interior of it.

This is the iOS best dog fighting game I've played. The thematic office supply elements and rockabilly soundtrack also add to the appeal.

Ads are present as banners, and you have to pay to unlock the more advanced planes, but you really get a lot for free.

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