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Eat Your Veggies With The Arcade Hit, Baby Corn Run

Eat Your Veggies With The Arcade Hit, Baby Corn Run

March 28, 2012
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Baby Corn Run FREE (Free) by JimmApps is not a sequel to the childhood thriller series of "Children of the Corn." It's a cute, fun, and never ending challenge for children or adults.

This game is simple and gets you right into the action. There's no storyline, so I won't be explaining one of those. Baby Corn Run is a side-scrolling running game in which you play a baby corn - suited with a red pacifier and orange hair - trying to jump and dodge his way around black crows and scarecrows. Remember, in this genre of game, the end is limitless. The game concludes only when you lose all of your lives or you jump into a pit and fall off of the level.

Baby Corn Run FREE by JimmApps screenshot

There is more of an incentive to purchasing the pro version of this game than just having those pestering advertisements removed. In the free version, you can only hold up to three lives. In contrast, the pro version allows you to hold up to six lives. This doubles your chances of crushing your high score!

You have two simple controls in this game. You can jump, or double jump, your way through the level, which makes this an easy game for children to learn and love.

The graphics support Retina display on both the iPhone and iPad, delivering crisp colors of the blue sky and green grass. Also, Game Center is supported allowing you to store your top scores and finish the nine achievements.

Baby Corn Run FREE by JimmApps screenshot

The music perfectly suits the game. It's a simple little jingle that doesn't cause a headache and the sound effects provide more cuteness to the overall package.

If you're looking for a simple game that provides endless amounts of fun for yourself or your children, look no further than Baby Corn Run. Make sure to purchase the pro version to remove the advertisements and allow you to hold six lives instead of three. You'll need them.

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