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Awesome Graphics, Gameplay In Battleloot Adventure HD

Awesome Graphics, Gameplay In Battleloot Adventure HD

March 20, 2012
Battleloot Adventure HD by Digital Tales icon

Battleloot Adventure HD ($0.99) by Digital Tales hands down wins the award for my most favorite iOS RPG. The characters, the enemy characters, the gameplay, all are awesome additions that make this app perfect.

The story’s prologue is explained through an entertaining puppet show, almost like the Duloc welcome kiosk in “Shrek.”

Unfortunately, the text doesn’t stay on long enough to get the whole story. Essentially, Kameloot (get it?) is putting on a kind of Hunger Games, and you as a mercenary will need to cash in on the action.

Battleloot Adventure HD by Digital Tales screenshot

The smooth animation complements the quick gameplay. Your hero characters participate in turn-based battles with various evil doers. Select which enemy you’d like to attack and your hero will jump in and crack some skulls, landing multiple hits.

What’s even cooler is that while this is happening, you can have a second hero lend his or her hand to the fight as well.

You’ll need to be aware of each hero’s energy levels, though. Their hearts are willing, but their bodies can become weak. They will start panting once they use up energy, and they’ll become more and more lethargic the more you tax them. So go easy.

Another feature I like is that the heroes will use their special abilities automatically. The alchemist heals your guys at the start of your round, and the rogue will toss a smoke bomb to decrease the enemies’ accuracy once he’s done attacking.

“Star skills” become available to your heroes once they reach level 5. Each character has a different ability, which can be enhanced the more they level up.

Battleloot Adventure HD by Digital Tales screenshot

Those looking to arm their heroes to the teeth can check out the armory. With over 200 different items for sale, you’re bound to find something good. Getting it, however, is a different story.

For starters, it’s hard to tell how much gold you’ve acquired that you can use for spending. But the developers have got your back on that because they’ve added in-app purchases of loot bags. I must say that it’s surprising to find in-app purchases in a paid game.

Aside from the in-app purchases, everything else about this game is butter. The hand drawn backgrounds, thematic elements, and the brand of humor all make this an awesome package, and therefore, my favorite iOS RPG.

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