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Celestial Defense Gives You Tower Defense Gaming With A Different Point Of View

Celestial Defense Gives You Tower Defense Gaming With A Different Point Of View

March 14, 2012
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Celestial Defense ($0.99) by GameCell is a tower defense game with a different view. Using 3-D graphics and tough enemies, you’ll find yourself working hard to fend off waves of aliens in this challenging game.

Celestial Defense by GameCell screenshot

Players start with a thermal power generator, a laser turret and one type of enemy. Defense towers can only be placed in certain spots and enemies will attack and destroy the power cores before heading for the main space station. Once power generators are destroyed it becomes very difficult to gain much-needed energy to add weapons, so defending them is just as important as defending the space station.

As levels are completed, new weapons and power cores are unlocked. New and tougher aliens are also added, making each level more challenging than the last. Some aliens have resistance to electricity, so it is important to research your weapons and various aliens in the game’s almanac, or you will find yourself spending all your energy points on ineffectual turrets.

What makes this game stand out from others in its genre is that it is not a top-down view of the playing field. Instead, players see things as if they are standing on the planet’s surface, giving it a three-dimensional effect, and must swipe the screen in order to get from one area to the next.

Players can earn extra energy sources when they kill aliens and these can be traded in the armory for more powerful weapons.

There are a few things that this game could improve upon. For example, the aliens and weapons have not been named, so the story is not immersive at all. Also, the playing field is larger than the screen and having to swipe around can become annoying.

For being only $0.99, this game is a lot of fun. It includes 25 levels and two different modes of play. There are plenty of upgradable weapons and some seriously tough enemies. Fans of the tower defense genre will enjoy the 3-D angle that this game is played in, instead of the typical top-down gaming experience. It is not totally polished, but definitely worth the money.

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