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Create A Virtual Tower Of Babel Out Of Cats

Create A Virtual Tower Of Babel Out Of Cats

March 27, 2012
Drop a Cat by ThumbFire icon

Drop a Cat (Free) by ThumbFire is a cute stacking game where you must help Martians build a tower of kitties to their planet. Be careful where you aim or your cats won’t be able to stack up.

Drop a Cat by ThumbFire screenshot

In this game, Martians want to bring cats to their own planet, but don’t have any extra room in their space ship, so they want to build a tower to Mars so that they can all enjoy the cuddles and purrs of our feline friends.

Your job is to help build that tower by stacking cats, one on top of the other, until you’ve reached the Martian home world. Cats are suspended in the air by a UFO and players must tap the screen to drop the cat. The drops must be planned carefully or the fluffy kitty will miss the stack entirely and have to drift down on a parachute.

Players get three chances to miss before the game is over. Sometimes, a floating heart will appear that will give an extra turn. Well-timed cat drops will yield extra points. A perfect drop gives the highest points and multiple perfect drops in a row are even better.

There is a stabilizer that can be added to the stack if the kitties start to sway. The stabilizer holds them in place so they don’t move around as much, making it easier to drop new ones without missing. There is only one stabilizer in the free version, but a total of three in the full version.

The game can be upgraded to the full version for only $0.99. The upgrade removes ads and gives additional stabilizers to help get you to the top.

Overall, this is an entertaining game at the price of free. There is no need to pay the premium price. Players will still have loads of fun, even with the ad banner up top. If you feel like you need the stabilizers to get you to the stars, you may want to ante up the dollar, but otherwise, play on. Be careful playing this game around your own cats. Mine went nuts when he heard “meows” coming from my iPad.

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