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Hexus! From Big Fish Games Is Now Now Available For the iPhone

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Hexus! (Free) by Big Fish Games, Inc is the free puzzle game for the iPhone/iPod touch based on the popular iPad-only app of the same name. Play different variations of match-three games and build an empire all in one, epic game.

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Players start the game as the new king or queen of a soon-to-be powerful nation. The new leader must complete quests and tasks, find the missing artifacts and build a strong, flourishing empire. With each completed quest, the pharaoh earns gold and silver that can be used to buy or upgrade buildings.

The levels consist of a few different variations on the typical match-three game. One of the puzzles requires the player to match a certain number of colored tiles. Another one has the player seeking gold by matching nearby tiles. There are different ways to solve puzzles, but all of them earn gold and silver coins.

The coins can be used to build the town into a strong empire. Each building will also generate money. There is no in-app purchase for coins. They are legitimately earned through playing the game.

The free version comes with the first few levels of the game. It is a basic starter to give players an idea for whether they will like it. The full version can be unlocked from within the game for only $0.99 and includes 10 chapters with 80 levels, 65 different buildings to build and 140 different items to find.

This is a wonderfully entertaining app. It is full of different games to keep players interested. The ability to build your empire with the gold you’ve earned makes it even more interesting. The fact that the full game only costs $0.99 makes it a must-have for fans of match-three gaming.

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Hexus! From Big Fish Games Is Now Now Available For the iPhone

Hexus! From Big Fish Games Is Now Now Available For the iPhone