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Harvest Flowers, Sell Bouquets And Earn Money To Help Find Your Missing Parents

Harvest Flowers, Sell Bouquets And Earn Money To Help Find Your Missing Parents

March 20, 2012
Magic Farm HD by Big Fish Games, Inc icon

Magic Farm HD (Free) by Big Fish Games, Inc is a time management game that will take you away to another land and make you lose your own ability to manage time in the real world as you grow crops of fruit and sell bouquets of flowers.

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The story starts with a letter to a young girl about her parents going missing. She must go back to her home town and earn enough money to track them down. Players earn coins by growing, cultivating and eventually selling various flowers, fruits and other things in order to earn enough money to travel to other places.

To create a high yielding garden, players can buy plants that produce flowers throughout a single day’s cycle. Within that day, players must harvest the garden, water plants and eliminate pests. At first, the tasks are easy, but before long you’ll be running out of water and your plants will die, or you’ll run out of room in your basket and not be able to harvest any more flowers.

Once the day is over, sell the harvest at the flower shop to earn money. Harvested flowers and fruits can be sold individually, or as bouquets, which earn more coins. Bouquets are created by combining specific items that are preordered. For example, one bouquet request might have three varying colored roses, while another would need three chamomiles.

Coins are earned so that players can complete tasks, like taking a ship to another location or buying information about the parents’ whereabouts. They are also important for starting up a new farm. Each new location will have a new farm to cultivate. Usually, plants become more expensive to buy.

Portions of the game are free and the full game can be unlocked for $2.99. This is a good PR move for Big Fish Games because it is really easy to get sucked into the adventure. I played for about four hours straight without needing to purchase the full version.

There are a few comments on the app’s App Store summary page about the game freezing up. I played this game on the new iPad without having a single issue. There is no information that specifies which devices are being affected by the glitch, but be aware that the game may freeze up on you, depending on what you are playing it on.

Magic Farm HD by Big Fish Games, Inc screenshot

The tasks are challenging enough to keep players interested, while not be so complicated that it becomes daunting. The story is engaging and the gameplay has its own level of action. Considering one could play for four hours for free, this is a fairly remarkable game. The additional $2.99 for the full version is a bargain for a game with so much replay value. Give it a try and see how many different varieties of flowers you can cultivate on your magic farm.

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