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Magnet-O Is Word Art That Won’t Fall Off The Fridge Every Time You Open The Door

Magnet-O Is Word Art That Won’t Fall Off The Fridge Every Time You Open The Door

March 2, 2012
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Magnet-O (Free) by Blockdot, Inc. is a word game for the iPad that uses refrigerator magnets similar to the ones you had on your refrigerator as a kid. Link words together as fast as possible to get the best score.

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Do you remember those hugely popular refrigerator word magnets? You could leave your honey a love note, write a haiku or make humorous word associations using “ball” and “smell,” that would inevitably get you in trouble.

Magnet-O takes the word magnets of yesteryear and turns them into a game. Players start with about 20 or so words, three of which are locked on the board. The locked magnets are the starting words. Tap and drag one of the unlocked magnets to the locked one to create a full name or phrase. For example, the word “second” may be one of the first locked magnets on the board. Drag the word “hand” to the side of the magnet that has little yellow connectors sticking out of it. If they match, both words will lock. If not, try another word, like “class.”

Each level is timed, but you don’t run out of time. The faster all of the words are connected, the better the score. It is very difficult to get three stars. You’d have to be a speed-reader to get all 20 words linked together fast enough.

There are 50 puzzles in this free game, but once you’ve mastered those, there are four additional sets of puzzles that can be unlocked for only $0.99 each.

Players can also make their own word art in free play mode. There are six different word group themes, including sci-fi and romance. The problem with free play mode is that there are no words like “the” or “are.” Plus, there are very few nouns, but an overabundance of adverbs. It forces the player to be more creative with the word structure, but doesn’t make very interesting sentences.

Overall, this game is worth the download for the 50 free puzzles. They are not particularly challenging, but it is fun to see what unfolds as you link words together. The replay value is high because of how difficult it is to get three stars. Extra sets of puzzles can be unlocked for only $0.99 each, which is a reasonable price for this game. Now, get out there and “Grow Heavy Boxes Delicately.”

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