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Wouldn’t It Be Great To Have The Chance To Start Over When Choosing Life’s Path?

Wouldn’t It Be Great To Have The Chance To Start Over When Choosing Life’s Path?

March 26, 2012
My Life Story: Adventures by Big Fish Games, Inc icon

My Life Story: Adventures (Free) by Big Fish Games, Inc is a time management game that takes you on life’s adventure where you will learn talents and pick the path that is right for you. Unlike real life, if you choose the wrong path, it is easy to start over.

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The goal of the game is to fulfill your dreams in life. There are four different paths to choose from, each requiring a certain level of skill in its category. For example, players can choose to become a mad scientist, but have to read a lot of books to get smart enough.

Once a path is chosen, players earn money and skill points by completing tasks, which citizens of the town request. For example, April the secret agent may need you to find her missing glass slippers. When you track them down, you will receive rewards like money, points or unlocked features that will increase your skill level.

Players earn cash by working at a job that represents their chosen path. For example, the super hero works at the gym to earn money. Each event, like working, reading books, painting and dancing require energy that gets replenished each new day.

Players are given a certain amount of time to get through a day. The first few days fly by so fast you can’t even complete all of your tasks. However, once you get to the sixth level the days drag by, making it difficult to do anything without relaxing to earn more energy points.

Relaxing replenishes energy points, but after you’ve made it through the sixth day, the game won’t let you relax without paying for the full version. The full game will allow you to upgrade your home, get promotions and ultimately achieve your life’s dream.

You can continue playing the game for a while without having to pay for the full version. However, you can no longer take advantage of the “relax” portion of the game. Eventually, other features like learning talents become off limits to those who have yet to pay for the full version.

If you don’t know yet whether you want to pay to unlock everything, you are forced back to the main menu, even though you can still play the game. Often times, it crashes after you are asked to unlock the full version but decide to wait.

I’m guessing this will not be a hit with fans of Big Fish Games. It is entertaining and interesting, and the full version is only $0.99. However, players don’t get enough time with the free portion of the game before being asked to pony up the buck. It is just enough time to feel like you have an idea of how to play, but not long enough to pull you in and make you want to continue. You’ll get to play for about an hour, and then probably never play again. Big Fish Games should have either made it a pay-up-front game, or given players more time before cutting them off.

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