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Pinboard For Pinterest Is The Best iPad App For The Social Network Site Thus Far, And Its Free

Pinboard For Pinterest Is The Best iPad App For The Social Network Site Thus Far, And Its Free

March 1, 2012
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Pinboard for Pinterest (Free) by Silviu Stefan is a Pinterest client for the iPad. It may just be the best Pinterest-related app for Apple’s tablet so far. It doesn’t revolutionize viewing of the social networking site, but it does work well and it is free.

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The app offers three different ways to pin, as well as complete access to your Pinterest account. The account access is just a port of the website, so there is nothing special with that. However, the pin options are what make it stand out, that and the fact that it is free.

Users can copy and paste a JavaScript code directly into their Safari Web browser on the iPad. This is a function that is not readily available to everyone. There are ways to find the code online, but the average user will have trouble figuring that out. Now, users can have a “Pin It” button right in their bookmarks bar, just like a computer’s Web browser without any effort.

I’d like to take a minute to tell you how to get the button to show up in your browser because the app doesn’t explain that part clearly. First, go to the settings section in your device and set your Safari browser to “always show bookmarks bar.” Then, open Safari and, after you have entered the JavaScript code from the app, find “Pin It” in your bookmarks list and hit “edit” in the upper left corner of the bookmark list. Tap and hold the pin and move it into the bookmark bar folder, and then move it to the first place. Once you have done that, the button will always be in your Safari browser on the left-hand side.

In addition to an easy way to add the Pinterest bookmarklet to the Safari browser, users can upload images by entering a website link into the “Pin It” URL bar. This part is no different than what can be done directly from the Pinterest website. It is nice to have it, but by no means special.

The third way to pin images is to use the app’s internal browser. This browser comes with its own “Pin It” button that works perfectly. Use the Internet the same way you would in Safari, or any other browser and when you come across something you’d like to add to your Pinterest board, just hit the “Pin It” button in the upper right corner.

The fact that users can pin in three different ways, plus have complete access to their Pinterest account makes this iPad app amazing. The fact that it is free makes it the best app you can get for Pinterest thus far. Pick it up today. You won’t regret it.

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