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SoundClock Pro Lets You Play Your Entire iOS Music Library While Displaying The Time

SoundClock Pro Lets You Play Your Entire iOS Music Library While Displaying The Time

March 19, 2012
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SoundClock Pro (Free) by appcellent GmbH is a simple and sleek display clock for you iOS device that plays songs from your entire music library. Load up your new iPad with music and always know what time it is with this simple, yet effective app.

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There isn’t a lot to it. It comes with a modern design analog clock or a block lettering digital clock in colors of gray and blue. The date can be displayed with or without the day of the week. Album cover art and song information can be shown or hidden, depending on your mood.

The app is great to have open for displaying your iPad at the office. Coworkers will be commenting on your fancy tablet, for better or worse, when you set it up on your desk. It is a great companion app for speaker docking stations. Turn on SoundClock Pro when you set your iPad into your bass-boosting speaker system and not only will you be able to easily see the time and date, but you’ll also be able to see what song is being played and what the album art looks like.

There are 12 additional clock faces that can be purchased for only $0.99, but quite honestly, they don’t look particularly special. For the same price you could get any number of attractive, high-definition clocks and just play your music in the background. The sleek looking clock that is already included for free is good enough.

Considering that this is a free app, it is worth the download. It is helpful to be able to display the date and time while showing off your music collection. As for the $0.99 download for the additional clock faces, skip it. They are not particularly impressive looking anyway.

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