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Super Bob Needs Your Help To Save Earth

Super Bob Needs Your Help To Save Earth

March 29, 2012
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Super Bob ($0.99) by is a side-scrolling 2-D platform game that is a throwback to early 80s pixelated fun. Take a retro ride with this simple but fun adventure.

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Side-scrolling platform games have never been better than when the Mario Brothers made their debut in arcades across America. The developers of Super Bob obviously know this and, instead of trying to improve upon something that was perfect to begin with, have decided to make a game that is not entirely unlike Nintendo’s most famous platform game.

Super Bob is a football player-turned-hero in this alien invasion adventure. Bob must run, jump and fight his way across 33 levels to save Earth.

The movement is simple. Using a virtual joystick, players move Bob either forward or backward. Bob can also jump and throw footballs as projectile weapons. Along the way, players earn points for collecting items. There are enemies to avoid or kill with a fast-moving football, poisonous plants to jump over and treacherous waters to stay away from.

Players are given infinite lives, so jumping into a bottomless hole is no big deal. Collectable items also reset every time the player loses a turn, so your point score can go through the roof without ever having to leave the first level.

Although this is an immensely entertaining retro game, the developers did it a disservice by giving unlimited lives and collectable item resets. It takes away the challenge. The only real challenge left is speed. Super Bob is on sale for an introductory price of only $0.99. If you like retro side-scrolling games, I suggest picking it up while it is on sale. It isn’t really worth two bucks.

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