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Does That Skirt Match That Blouse? Find Out With Trendabl

Does That Skirt Match That Blouse? Find Out With Trendabl

March 27, 2012
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Trendabl (Free) by Trendabl is a fashion-oriented social networking app designed for the iPhone. Like Instagram or Path, this is a social network that works exclusively on your iDevice, meaning there’s no accompanying website.

While my preferred clothing tends to run more towards t-shirts, jeans, and moccasins than anoraks, pink short suits, and futuristic prints, I’m not entirely out of touch with the world of fashion. By the way, if you were wondering, those are the current spring 2012 fashion trends. Trust me, I googled it. Colorful camo and peplum skirts are also hot stuff right now.

I do flit around on Pinterest and Polyvore, and I have some fashion forward friends, so I’ve got a bit of experience with the whole outfit planning and sharing thing that you fashionistas love, and I think you’ll like Trendabl.

Trendabl by Trendabl screenshot

Trendabl is a photo heavy app, where the idea is to take advantage of your favorite pieces to share with friends and other fashion lovers. You can connect this app with your Facebook to import connections, and you can also find your friends from your iPhone contacts or from Twitter.

The interface is nearly identical to Instagram, so if you use the photo app, you will be right at home with Trendabl, down to the center-oriented photo button that lets you add photos of your clothes and accessories to share with others. There are even photo filters.

Like on Instagram, you will get a feed of photos from people who you follow. In addition to following friends, you can follow celebrities and designers like Nicky Hilton, Michael Kors, and Whitney Port. Stores and brands like Barneys New York and Joie also have a Trendabl profile you can follow.

Your feed can be organized by friend posts, popular posts, recommended posts, and new posts, so there’s plenty of content to browse. Photo posts run the gamut from fun accessories and makeup options to ultra trendy clothing choices.

Trendabl by Trendabl screenshot

Tapping one of these photos will show a close-up view, with information on where the item in the photo was purchased, and the price, if the user chose to include it.

You can also search for items using the categories section, which displays photos from just one section, like shoes, sweaters, or accessories.

As in Instagram, you can like posts, share them, and comment on them. You can also follow any user who looks interesting, and their posts will show up in your friend feed.

It looks like there’s a limited amount of content in the app right now, which translates to few users. This is unsurprising since it hasn’t been out very long, but with its easy-to-browse photo sections and simple interface, I expect Trendabl to pick up quickly in the coming weeks.

If you’re a fashion lover, Trendabl is an app that you won’t want to miss. Do you really want to be the only one without a killer anorak this spring? Trendabl is free, so check it out.

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