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Retro Classic Coming Soon To iOS

March 14, 2012
The '80s aren't well known for producing great gaming, but a title that did stand out back then was The Lords of Midnight and, according to Touch Arcade, this title could soon find its way onto an iOS device near you. Originally released in 1984 on the ZX Spectrum, The Lords of Midnight was an adventure game which saw the player take control of various warriors on a quest to destroy Doomdark, the Witchking of Midnight. Pretty dramatic stuff! The title's original creator, Mike Singleton, contacted developer Christopher Wild, in January 2011, with a proposition. He wanted to bring The Lords of Midnight to the iOS platform. Christopher Wild had been working on a project to allow the title to run on modern PCs, so he was the perfect choice of partner. While still quite early the project, the team has released a demonstration video of the game in action: The Lords of Midnight is planned for an iPhone and iPad release with other platforms following soon thereafter. Do any of you remember The Lords of Midnight's original release? Could you handle playing something quite this retro on your device?

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