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The Conceptual AIRE Mask Charges Your iPhone With Your Breath

The Conceptual AIRE Mask Charges Your iPhone With Your Breath

March 29, 2012
Just when you thought you'd seen everything, the AIRE mask steps up to the plate with a fresh take on iPhone charging. Although it's just a concept, the AIRE is a mask containing small wind turbines that converts air displacement (wind, which in this case is your breathing) into electrical energy. In theory, the energy collected from your breathing, whether you're sleeping or exercising, can be used to charge your iPhone. Again, this is just a concept. Creator Joao Paulo Lammoglia states:
At this moment, we don't have the technology for it. I believe the concept is the most important because it gives another perspective about how to look at energy. I've always been concerned about environmental problems, so that's why I develop these concepts.
While the AIRE looks pretty ridiculous, the idea isn't too far-fetched in my opinion. Heck, it was good enough to win Lammoglia a Red Dot Award for Design Concept. Solar chargers for cellular phones already exist, so using your breath could also be a viable option. Finding and using renewable energy sources will more than likely be a problem for humankind until the end of our days, but ideas like the AIRE could help push us in the right direction. Would you use the AIRE if it existed? [via The Huffington Post]

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