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The New iPad Retina Is Therapy-Ready And Helping Heal Souls

The New iPad Retina Is Therapy-Ready And Helping Heal Souls

March 30, 2012
We already know that the new iPad is a great tool for communicating and creating art. Now, Williamsville Wellness, a residential gambling and alcohol treatment center, has taken the iPad a step further by implementing it into their successful art therapy program. For the Williamsville Wellness patients, the new iPad loaded with ArtRage is providing a supportive tool with which to safely express and explore strong, sensitive or destructive feelings. Bob Cabaniss, Founder of Williamsville Wellness said:
"Retinal displays on the new iPad allow patients to see their work in crystal clear high definition. This enhancement gives patients a new sense of accomplishment as they see their work enhanced. Our patients can draw easily, see their work in vivid color, and download it all to continue adding to it later."
Aside from the obvious advantage of not having to set up, or clean up, using traditional art mediums, the patients are able to carry their art with them for later study. This accessibility is expected to empower patients to continue working on their therapeutic art even after they have left Williamsville. In an email interview, Bob Cabaniss told us that they are also experimenting with using the Papers by FiftyThree App. Papers has the added bonus of allowing the creation of artwork in a journal format. After seeing Christine Chan's review of Papers, we can see how this could be very appealing to those undergoing art therapy as it feels like a story progressively moving forward. Have you ever used art to express yourself on your iDevice? What do you think of the potential healing power of the iDevice?

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