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Updated AppGuide: Best iPhone Task Management Apps

Updated AppGuide: Best iPhone Task Management Apps

March 5, 2012
iPhone task managers seem to fall into three categories: (1) web apps or Mac programs ported to iOS, (2) full-featured Getting Things Done (GTD) style apps, or (3) list-based apps that are similar to Reminders.  The first step in picking an iPhone task manager, then, is deciding which type of app you want. The next step is to decide which features you absolutely need—i.e., do you need to sync to your Outlook calendar or iCal? Or do you need to be able to use Siri? To make this rather daunting task easier, we’ve listed some of the more common features below each of the apps: “syncs with” tells you which services an app will sync with; “additional costs” refer to costs beyond the app’s price, and “Reminders/Siri” denotes whether the app integrates with iOS’ notification center like the Reminders app and/or can be used with Siri on the iPhone 4s. This AppGuide should take “finding a task manager” off your to do list!

Best iPhone Task Management Apps

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