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Video Recording On The iPhone Just Got Stealthy And Practical

Video Recording On The iPhone Just Got Stealthy And Practical

March 19, 2012
One of the most wonderful things about having an iPhone is that you always have a video camera with you to capture life's moments. To get the clearest video it would be ideal to have a tripod, yet most of us do not have the space or forethought to carry a tripod. Inventor Matt Richmond realized this and came up with an ingenious iPhone camera accessory, the iFilm.

The iFilm is a Kickstarter project that is garnering a lot of pledges, boasting 44 percent funding with 55 days left to go. What makes the iFilm different from other miniature tripod inventions, such as the TiltPod, is that it does not position the iPhone conventionally. Instead it uses the same mirror technology of a periscope to shoot video while the device is propped up or lying on a flat surface.

For those who love to be discreet, taking video with the iFilm while the camera is laying flat is not obvious. This is ideal for shots of children and animals who react unnaturally when a video camera is present.

The iFilm is small and can easily be carried in a purse or pocket. It allows video recording in both portrait and landscape mode. Because the mirror records the reflection off of a mirror, an app will accompany the iFilm which will revert the video to normal.

The iFilm is currently available in black or white, but will soon be offered in other colors. If you are curious about backing the project, or want to make a comment regarding the colors, visit the Kickstarter page. A pledge of $15 will preorder an iFilm.


If the video does not work click here.

We think that this innovative design holds more potential than prior mini-tripods. Do you think it is something you would use?


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