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Vocre 2.0 Beta Announced

Vocre 2.0 Beta Announced

March 9, 2012
San Francisco-based Vocre announced this week the beta release of the Vocre Free Translator app 2.0, the company’s universal language translation app. The new version features a new FaceTime-like interface, allowing simultaneous audio translations within a video call. First launched in September, the Vocre app was recently updated publicly to Version 1.1, which includes mostly bug fixes. Using the app, users can have conversations with those who speak different languages. The app currently supports 23 languages in 22 countries. According to Vocre co-founder and CEO:
"To all those who thought it was magical how we made sci-fi fantasy a reality with Vocre 1.0, we're here to further blow their minds with today's sneak peek at Vocre 2.0. The language translation market is ripe for innovation and disruption and our intent is to continually usher in services and products that up the ante and help make it easier to remove all language barriers from the world. We strongly believe Vocre 2.0 is the beginning of a new communication revolution by enabling anyone to carry an interpreter in their pocket."
The 2.0 release includes:
  • Live Translated Video Calling – People no longer need to be in the same room -- or to speak the same language – in order to communicate with one another live via video conference.
  • Translated Messaging – Vocre 2.0 is not only for those that speak different languages; video calling and messaging can go between two devices set to the same language as well, similar to Skype.
  • Conversation History -- In-Person, Messages & Video Calling all feature transcription support.
  • Freemium model that will be ad-supported.
  • Premium Services, such as Live/On-Demand Human Translator/Interpreter API guaranteeing higher translation quality. Improving translation database/memory (continually getting better/faster over time).
Take a look:

Those users interested in signing up for the Vocre 2.0 beta, should visit Meanwhile, you can download the current version of Vocre Free Translator today in the App Store.

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