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Watch The Skies, Sky Gnomes Are Inbound!

Watch The Skies, Sky Gnomes Are Inbound!

March 13, 2012
What happens when you mix gnomes, sky diving, racing and Hero Academy-esqe asynchronous gameplay into one single game? This is a question that Foursaken Media is hoping to answer with their upcoming title, Sky Gnomes, due for release in March. The team at Foursaken Media recently released a great video that will give you a better idea of what you can expect from Sky Gnomes when it's released: As previously mentioned, the game features an asynchronous gaming style, in the vein of Hero Academy. This is quite a bold choice given that this is a racing title at heart. The racing itself is a bit of a break from the norm as well. As the name suggests, Sky Gnomes actually features gnomes falling from the sky as fast as possible, as opposed to a more traditional race environment. Taking the asynchronous approach allows Foursaken Media to include some great sounding tournament play to Sky Gnomes. The multiplayer facet of Sky Gnomes looks set to include:
  • A unique daily tournament system with prizes, medals and other rewards earned every day.
  • Small group competition! Play in groups of 10 at a time in each tournament, and place in the top spot to earn a medal for that day.
  • Seamlessly race against the recorded runs/ghosts of other players in your group, online or offline!
  • Leagues based on your skill level! The better you race, the better the league you place in, and the better the medals you earn for winning your group.
  • Daily contest for added competition
Sky Gnomes not only looks great, but it also sounds like Foursaken Media is putting a lot of work into making the gameplay as solid as possible. The game features an extensive feature list from collectable snowflakes to increase your speed mid race to a deep customization model with upgrades and trinkets offering new abilities. There is even a dynamic weather system added for further fun, and many details which will really help bring the world of Sky Gnomes to life. I'm very excited to get my hands on this title. Keep an eye out here on AppAdvice for a full review of Sky Gnomes when it's released later in the month.

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