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Will Pic Scatter Produce A Work Of Art?

Will Pic Scatter Produce A Work Of Art?

March 12, 2012
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Pic Scatter ($1.99) by Till Haunschild has great potential in being one of the cooler and better thought out apps for Facebook lovers, but ended up falling short in some important areas when we tested it. Being the number one social networking site in the world, Facebook is filled with new wall posts, updated “it’s not official unless it’s on Facebook” relationship statuses, and of course, photo albums.

Whether you’re the type to take sloppy drunk bar photos or the infamous bathroom edited angle shots, Pic Scatter is the newly released tool to help users easily configure their Facebook photo galleries into a fun collage.

Pic Scatter by Till Haunschild screenshot

Want to use mobile uploaded photos? Go ahead. Want to have the app throw all of your Instagram pictures that have been uploaded to Facebook into a mess of creativity? Feel free. You can even have Pic Scatter whip up a collage of randomly selected Facebook friends or photos you have liked.

The app gives users the ability to select between three layouts. You can make a wallpaper for the iDevice you are currently using, you can create a cover photo for your Facebook (the giant banner on the new timeline interface), or you can produce a custom sized collage.

Even though the app has the dimensions preloaded for the first two layouts if left blank, here are the dimensions for an iPhone 4 or 4S (960 x 640) and the cover photo (315 x 851), just in case.

The beauty of this app is in its simplicity. The process of creating a collage is as simple as selecting a layout, choosing which photo album, and saving the finished product into your native camera roll for sharing later.

Be advised, you can only produce collages by using the ENTIRE photo album. You cannot select certain photos.

Pic Scatter by Till Haunschild screenshot

The downfall to this app is in its lack of clarity. For iPhone wallpapers, this app does pretty well in the crispness of the photos. For the cover photo and bigger custom sized collages, the pictures look horribly pixelated. Considering that this app works with Facebook you’d think that it would have been developed properly so as to look good on the website, right?

As illustrated in one of the screenshots, if you decide to use the gallery of liked photos, any images that have been removed from Facebook are still placed in the collage as a question mark. Don’t ask me why.

Hopefully, in the near future this app will be updated to fix the pixilation issues on the bigger collages, but until then I feel this app is not worth its price tag of $1.99.

Has anyone else used this app? Thoughts?

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