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Wind Noise Messing With Your iLife? Check Out DeadCatDots

Wind Noise Messing With Your iLife? Check Out DeadCatDots

March 31, 2012
The built in microphones on iDevices are great, but they are also susceptible to wind noise when outdoors. Sure, you can cup your hand around the mic to cut down on the interference, but what if you want to record video or FaceTime someone?  Broadcast engineer Mark Shorey designed a solution and has launched a Kickstarter project to fund it. His invention, DeadCatDot NanoMuffs, are reusable, adhesive patches that prevent sound distortion in windy conditions. While the dots look like a simple scrap of faux fur, looks are deceiving. DeadCatDots have a specialized rubber backing which creates a cushion around the mic while allowing sound to enter. The simple adhesive design is reusable and will not leave sticky residue on your iPhone or iPad. When not in use simply stick the dots back onto the credit card and store it in your wallet. DeadCatDots also work with any case on your iDevice, which is a big plus. Shorey is not blind to the rather unappealing look of DeadCatDots, as he admits on his Kickstarter page:
We are pushing the limits of micro wind noise reduction technology and with your help we can develop smaller, more durable and effective nano wind noise solutions. We're also trying to make them a little less ugly.

True, they are not exactly a fashion statement. In fact, the name DeadCatDots, was undoubtedly influenced by the appearance. It should be stated, for our feline-loving AppAdvice readers, Shorey clearly states on his project:

”No cats are ever hurt or even teased in the making of our products. We like cats. DeadCatDot is just a name.”
A pledge of $12 will reward you with the three most popular sizes of DeadCatDots on a credit card blank. The sizes will fit iPhone, iPad and DSLR Cameras . To pledge or read more on the project go to the Kickstarter  page. Though I prefer the neutral look, I wonder: If these were offered in hot pink and neon green, would they be more fun and cute? What do you think?

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