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You Asked And We Answered: Get Your Free AppAdvice Retina iPad Wallpaper Here

You Asked And We Answered: Get Your Free AppAdvice Retina iPad Wallpaper Here

March 29, 2012
Please Note: We edited this article so that the images would link to the Retina versions. If you downloaded the non-Retina versions please grab the really great ones! After publishing resources for Retina iPad wallpapers, quite a few readers wanted to know why AppAdvice was not offering any AppAdvice wallpaper. We heard you, and with some help from the amazing folks at Poolga, AppAdvice now has awesome Retina wallpapers for the iPad. To grab the large size just click on the image. From there you will be directed to a downloadable version.

Poolga Appadvice

One of the first is a nice warm wood look by Poolga. If you are not familiar with Poolga they specialize in unique, artistic wallpapers for iPhone and iPad, so even if you are not fortunate enough to have the new iPad you can still enjoy their quirky and artistic wallpapers.

Click on the image to be directed to the wallpaper.

The second is more subtle with warm undertones and a luminous look. Of the three wallpapers designed for AppAdvice by Poolga this one feels the most luxurious.

Poogle Dark Steel

While I love the natural wood feel to the first two, I really am drawn to the dark mesh one. It feels modern and mellow, like it is part of the iPad structure without feeling cold. After seeing what Poolga came up with, I could not help but launch PhotoShop and whip out a few more.  While digital art is not my true calling, it was a blast playing around with the AppAdvice logo.

AppAdvice in Sand

The first one was inspired by the local beach, since we are located in Hollywood, California. AppAdvice is peeking out like buried treasure in the sand.

Our next one went impressionistic. True, I am no Monet, but I try. Perhaps it will appeal to those who like a more painterly look.

AppAdvice Puzzle

How about AppAdvice as a jigsaw puzzle?  Some viewers who prefer tidiness might not appreciate the unfinished look, however, we really thought it was fun.

Mahmoud's Twist

This one happens to be the favorite of Mahmoud, our boss. It is playful, vintage and a bit dizzying.

AppAdvice Eye

Anyone who knows me realizes I like to always throw in something off-beat. I created this eyeball using filters and some fun tools. I will admit that our beloved boss does not seem to care for it, so of course I had to add it. Be sure to look at the reflections.

So that is our AppAdvice wallpaper collection. All are free and available on our Flickr site.  Do you think we covered everything? Does anyone want to guess which one Robin Rhys or Jamie, the fearless editor, would like best?

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