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Acne Play Teases My Little Hero

Acne Play Teases My Little Hero

April 17, 2012
Upon its release back in September 2010, Pizza Boy, from Acne Play, showed the world how an iOS platformer should be. With gorgeous graphics and a near perfect control mechanism, Pizza Boy has yet to really be bested. Since its release, things have been quiet on the Acne Play front. That all changed today, however, as Acne Play has announced they are working on a new title, called My Little Hero. The game is being created in conjunction with NCSoft, the company behindĀ Guild Wars. This seems like an odd project for them to be working on, but the prospect certainly has me interested. Along with the announcement, Acne Play also released a very short teaser video to whet our appetites for things to come: If you cannot view the embedded video above, it is also available by clicking here. In true teaser trailer style, the video gives very little away about what type of game My Little Hero will end up being. If I had to guess, given Pizza Boy's success, I'd say it will be a platformer, but that is in no way confirmed. With NCSoft on board as well, the possibilities are enormous. A representative from NCSoft recently posted on the TouchArcade forums regarding My Little Hero. While they didn't release much more information, they did confirm that My Little Hero will be an "action adventure game." That explains it all then! All I can say is that if My Little Hero is released as polished and great as Pizza Boy, I'd be a happy guy! We'll be sure to share any new information we get about My Little Hero, so keep your radar locked onto AppAdvice!

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