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Alien20 Pilot: Get Your Head In The Game Literally

Alien20 Pilot: Get Your Head In The Game Literally

April 30, 2012
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Alien20 Pilot ($0.99) by 6waves Lolapps is a unique bundle of awesomeness. When I say unique, I mean one of a kind. You may be wondering how this one can be different from the multitude of games in the App Store. The way you control the spaceship is with your face. Yes, that’s right, facial recognition software is used to control this game. How sweet!

You take control of Alien20, a newly recruited spaceship pilot, who needs to fight and maneuver his way through the asteroid filled air. What is Alien20 risking his life for? He needs to search and recover a lost pilot. So, suit up and head out. There’s a life at stake.

Alien20 Pilot by 6waves Lolapps screenshot

You’re in your spaceship now and here comes the fun part. The game will detect your face using the front-facing camera. Line up your facial structure with the predetermined outline and tap the connect button. Once the game recognizes your facial placement, the action will begin. Using slight head movements, you will control the spaceship. Want to fly up? Tilt your head up and watch the spaceship mimic your movement. It’s so cool!

For the best results, place the device either on a table or hold it steady within your grasp. The slightest movement can have the biggest effect.

You will maneuver around the asteroids and collect power ups in search of the downed pilot. Grab a lightning bolt to shoot blue lasers and destroy incoming asteroids, or pick up a shield to defend you from attacks. Once you collect what's required, a whirlwind will appear in the bottom corner of the screen. Fly into this and you will complete the level.

Try this for fun: Tell your friends that are watching you play the game that you have psychic powers and can control the spaceship with your mind. See how many of them believe you. Their faces can be priceless.

Alien20 Pilot by 6waves Lolapps screenshot

If for some reason you don’t want to use the facial controls (I have no idea why you wouldn’t), then you can use tilt controls as an alternative. In my opinion the game is too simple for tilt controls, so stop being a baby and play with the facial ones.

This is like the Microsoft Kinect for your iOS device. It’s fun, challenging, and a new approach to mobile gaming. I can’t wait to see what other titles of this type come out in the next few months. It’s worth a try and definitely a conversation starter.

What’s your take on motion-controlled mobile gaming?

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