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Apple Pulls Popular Utility App From App Store

Apple Pulls Popular Utility App From App Store

April 27, 2012
One of the most promising new apps to arrive recently for the iPhone/iPod touch is no longer available. Apple has removed Bluetooth OnOff from the App Store, according to news first reported by ZDNet. Launched only weeks ago, the $0.99 app served one important purpose – to allow you to turn Bluetooth on and off with one touch. Because Bluetooth OnOff used private APIs to function, Apple should never have approved it in the first place. Because they did, and then yanked it, however, some will likely be upset by this news. After all, it replaced a “preposterously difficult” five-step process required to access Bluetooth settings on the iPhone. Without the app, users can only access their Bluetooth settings by following these lengthy steps:
  1. Touch Settings
  2. Swipe down
  3. Touch General
  4. Touch Bluetooth
  5. Swipe the slider to turn Bluetooth On (or Off)
  With the app, you simply had to enter the app and select On (or Off). For those folks that did download Bluetooth OnOff, enjoy it and make sure you don’t delete it. For the others, we can only hope Apple makes finding Bluetooth settings easier in a future version of iOS. Did you download Bluetooth OnOff in time?

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