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As An iPod nano, We Say No-No. As A TV Remote, We Say Bring It On!

As An iPod nano, We Say No-No. As A TV Remote, We Say Bring It On!

April 4, 2012
While Apple's iPod nano is unlikely to see a major design shift anytime soon, the company's Apple TV remote could use a refresh. That's why this nano concept by Enrico Penello is actually much better suited to supplanting the latter instead of the former. Lose the rear clip, and it's a perfect evolution of the little aluminum stick Apple currently ships with its diminutive set-top box. Posits Macgasm's Joshua Schnell,
Do we really need to see the Apple TV UI on the screen, or could we jump through menus, line up tracks, and check out the weather directly from the remote while the Apple TV continues streaming Netflix? Personally, I think I’d prefer being able to hop around the menus without ever having to see them on the screen. Uninterrupted menu navigation could be pretty huge.
Agreed. Of course, if Apple were to release a remote like this, the price of manufacture would certainly be too high to bundle with the $99 Apple TV. The iTV, on the other hand... [gallery link="file" order="DESC"]

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