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Australia Watchdog Group: Don’t Call It An iPad

Australia Watchdog Group: Don’t Call It An iPad

April 16, 2012
Will Apple be forced to change the name of their latest tablet, the iPad Wi-Fi + 4G? In Australia, we could soon find out, according to The Sydney Morning Herald. First launched Down Under in March, the iPad Wi-Fi + 4G is still on the market there, despite having a name that is inaccurate. In Australia, the current iPad will not connect to the country’s 4G network, which runs at a different frequency. Because of this, Apple has been forced to change advertising there and also offer refunds to customers.

However, that may not be enough.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, a watchdog group, wants Apple to change the name of the iPad Wi-Fi + 4G, because it believes the title is misleading Australian consumers. So far, both sides have been unable to come to an agreement via a mediation session. This means the fight could now move to federal court. What happens in Australia could have far-reaching consequences for Apple elsewhere. As we first reported last month, the iPad Wi-Fi + 4G only works with 4G offered by AT&T and Verizon Wireless, both which are based in the U.S. In addition, customers can connect to 4G LTE networks through Bell, Rogers and Telus in Canada. Despite this, Apple sells the iPad using the Wi-Fi + 4G moniker anywhere iPads are sold. Our advice would be for Apple to begin calling their tablet simply “The iPad,” with each model coming in a different box color. For example, Wi-Fi only units could come in white boxes, while those with Wi-Fi + 4G could come in black boxes. Then, depending on where the iPad ships, Apple could include language saying whether the tablet runs on 3G/4G/LTE. Should Apple fight to keep the iPad Wi-Fi + 4G name, or change it?

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