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Bullet Time Is Back With Max Payne Mobile

Bullet Time Is Back With Max Payne Mobile

April 12, 2012
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Max Payne Mobile ($2.99) by Rockstar Games is the most exciting iPhone game I have ever played. Being one of my favorite games ever for the console, I knew I had to review it for the iPhone. It does not disappoint and I recommend it unequivocally.

As most of you know, Max is an undercover police officer who has been framed for murder. The Mafia wants him dead and the police are hunting him too. Just to add to his stressful story, his wife and daughter had been shot and killed right before his eyes.

When it rains, it pours.

Max Payne Mobile by Rockstar Games screenshot

The visuals are just as good as the console version from back when I was a teenager. This illustrates how far mobile gaming has come. It's breathtaking. The comic strip storyline from the original console game is still included as well. The sound effects could use a little tuning, but that doesn't take away from this awesome experience.

Max Payne changed the way shooters are played. How you might ask?

It introduced its signature slow motion gunplay called Bullet Time. When activated, the game will slow down and allow for more precise and action packed shooting. Whether you're diving or standing still, Bullet Time is always a pleasure to use.

The other gameplay tactics are roughly the same as any other touch screen shooter. You have two digital joysticks for movement and aiming. You also have your shoot and jump buttons, along with some cool gesture controls to change weapons. It's a pretty smooth experience, but at points the controls can became a little frustrating. To make the game slightly easier, players are given the auto-aim option, which is extremely helpful in Bullet Time fights.

Max Payne Mobile by Rockstar Games screenshot

I love shooters, but haven’t enjoyed many of the ones available in the App Store. Whether they were too buggy, or the controls were too complex, I never truly enjoyed one. With Max Payne Mobile, I have loved every minute of play. Lots of action, along with easy controls, and memories of my teenage years has made playing an awesome experience.

Do yourself a favor and buy this game today. It's a steal at $2.99 and you won't be disappointed.

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