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Circa: Join The Revolution Of Images

Circa: Join The Revolution Of Images

April 24, 2012
The Kickstarter site really is a treasure trove of fantastic upcoming projects. I'd like to share a fantastic looking new project with you today, called Circa. Circa is marketed as "... the evolution of images" by its developer, Circa Mobile. This app allows you to "ghost" any image at any location, using augmented reality. The term ghosting, at a basic level, means an image can be superimposed onto the world around you. The development team has created the following video, as part of their Kickstarter project, to help explain their vision for the app: If you cannot view the embedded video above, it is also available by clicking here. Circa Mobile has developed a patent pending piece of technology that can recognize the view in front of you, and load media based on where you are pointing your iDevice. While it may sound like you have seen such a feature before, the technology utilized by Circa is quite unique. Previous apps have required either a QR code or similiar pattern to achieve this effect. With Circa, all you need is your phone and the world around you.
Circa in action.
In an effort to further promote the usefulness of their app, Circa recently released a new video, featuring the work of British street artist Banksy. The artist recently tagged a piece of art in Westwood, Los Angeles, but it was unfortunately defaced and painted over. Through the power of Circa, however, the image will remain forever:

CIRCA Join the Revolution of Images on Mobile Devices from Steve Belovarich on Vimeo.

The Kickstarter project for Circa is looking to raise $85,000 within the next 26 days. They are currently sitting at just under $1,500, so they have quite a way to go. To help entice potential investors, the developer is offering some nice rewards: from a personal "thank you" to beta access. The Circa project not only sounds impressive, but by supporting this app you are also, indirectly, helping to preserve historical resources. The only trouble is, will Circa still work on our kids' iPhone 16?

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