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Coming Soon To iOS: Fight Zombies In Classic Game Spoof, Organ Trail

Coming Soon To iOS: Fight Zombies In Classic Game Spoof, Organ Trail

April 13, 2012
It turns out that the pioneers in the old game Oregon Trail actually had it easy. Sure, they might have died from disease and starvation, but at least they died with their brains intact. An upcoming app, by developers Men Who Wear Many Hats, updates the old classic survival game with a zombie apocalypse twist. Now modern pioneers in station wagons head across the great divide while fending off disease, starvation ... and a massive zombie infestation. Organ Trail, described by the developers as "a zombie-parody-remake of Oregon Trail," began as an online flash game 16 months ago. It soared in popularity, soon boasting over a half-million players. Inspired by player requests to bring Organ Trail to the iPhone, Men Who Wear Many Hats set forth to re-write the game to work with a touch screen. To obtain the funds they would need, they started a Kickstarter project last January. The project was very successful, earning enough to also fund the creation of an iPad version. Both versions of the highly-anticipated app will be available next month in the App Store. The new Organ Trail promises to be even better than the flash version. It will have more artwork, a new soundtrack, and social interactivity, allowing communication with other wagon trains. There will even be the ability to join up with other survivors. We think social interaction will be a great addition. Let's face it, a journey across a post-apocalyptic, zombie-infested continent will be even better with friends. As explained on the Kickstarter page:  
We want to give a proper treatment to this game and include all the ideas that we didn’t get to the first time around. The story will get a slight re-arrangement and it will play better than the one you can play for free on our site.
Those readers who might be concerned about copyright infringement can rest easy. Men Who Wear Different Hats obtained the blessing of the Oregon Trail folks at The Learning Company before releasing Organ Trail. If you want to try out the older flash version, you can play it here. If the video above does not play please click here. Forget dying of dysentery — are you willing to risk your brain in Organ Trail?

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