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Cubby, A Promising New Way To Share Your Files Across Multiple Platforms

Cubby, A Promising New Way To Share Your Files Across Multiple Platforms

April 12, 2012
Look out, Dropbox. Being very careful, Box. Say hello to Cubby, a new cloud storage service that arrives today that has some unique tools for those that need anywhere access to files. Launched today in beta by the folks at LogMeIn, Cubby makes it easy to share information across multiple platforms including PC, Mac, iPhone/iPod touch and iPad, and Android devices.

What makes Cubby unique?

Unlike other services, Cubby lets you keep your current file structure. In other words, you don’t have to setup separate Cubby folders; instead you simply decide which folders should be “cloud-enabled.” In addition, there is no cap to the amount of data you can share between your own devices, which is called peer-to-peer syncing. For example, you have 20 GB of vacation photos sitting on your computer at home that you want shared with your computer at work. In this scenario, setup a folder called “vacation photos” into a “cubby” on your home computer. Next, open the free Cubby application at work and turn on syncing for “vacation photos.” All of your photos will now be available to view on the work computer. The only time data is consumed, and you’ll get 5GB for free, is when you place files into a Cubby cloud. Additional storage will be available at competitive rates. Finally, Cubby offers the ability to share files with other users. In doing so, you can assign specific people to have read/white access to certain files. Again, because these files won't touch Cubby's cloud, none of your 5GB would be consumed.


We have yet to use Cubby, since our beta invitation hasn't arrived. When it does, we’ll be able to test the service out and determine how it compares to Dropbox, Box, and other products already on the market. When we do, we’ll let you know how we made out. There is no word on when Cubby will leave beta and be opened to the public. In the meantime, you too can become part of the Cubby beta. Visit for more information. The free Cubby app is available now in the App Store.

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