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Dissatisfied Smart Cover Owner Gets Clever With A D.I.Y. Modification

Dissatisfied Smart Cover Owner Gets Clever With A D.I.Y. Modification

April 11, 2012
Did you pick up a new iPad last month? If so, did you get a Smart Cover along with it? Well, if you got a leather Smart Cover, it may (or may not) look better after it gets some use. I mean, if a leather jacket can manage to look even better after getting worn for years, then it'd be safe to assume that a Smart Cover may benefit from use the same way, right? Unfortunately that wasn't the case for Simeon Nasilowski of Two Lives Left (creators of Codea). After just a few weeks, Nasilowski's tan leather Smart Cover began to wear ... asymmetrically. His solution?
I had a wonderful, horrible idea: I'd stain the cover with coffee.
After brewing a double shot of coffee, Nasilowski brushed the coffee onto the cover. Several coats of coffee didn't seem to help much, so he gave the cover some texture by scrubbing it with an old tea-towel. Finally, he scrubbed the cover with ground coffee, which finally gave him the finish he desired. Coffee and iDevices go hand-in-hand in my life, but I never thought of putting the two together in that way. I wonder what other delicious drinks can be used to make our iDevices look better. Head to the Two Lives Left website to see Nasilowski's full process of staining his Smart Cover. The difference between the original and stained covers is surprisingly pleasant. Is this something you'd be willing to try with your Smart Cover? Or, do you use a different case that you've modified for your needs?

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