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Dungeon Crawlers Receives A Massive HD Update

Dungeon Crawlers Receives A Massive HD Update

April 5, 2012
A while back, Ayopa Games and Drowning Monkeys released a humorous and classical turn-based strategy game cleverly named Dungeon Crawlers. The game is based on a group of four “heroes” – including an alchemist, a priest, a barbarian, and a drunken dwarf warrior – who are on a quest to clear out ghouls and goblins from the dungeons.

Upon release, Dungeon Crawlers boasted four chapters to play through, with a fifth concluding chapter to come soon.  Now, the long awaited conclusion has arrived. This finale has new enemies and levels to play through. Even better, Dungeon Crawlers has gone full HD. Visuals have been enhanced to take advantage of the new iPad's Retina display, and dynamic lighting has been added for the new iPad, iPad 2, and iPhone 4S. Also, a store has been added with character upgrades as well as items like potions, armor, and weapons.

As usual there are also quite a few tweaks and behind-the-scenes work going on. Check out the complete list of changes below:
  • Dungeon Crawlers is now HD! We’ve added dynamic lighting that lights up the dungeon as you walk and more detailed textures. Dynamic lighting is available for the new iPad, iPad 2, and iPhone 4S.
  • Enhanced to take full advantage of the Retina Display on the new iPad with super hi-res graphic and GUI.
  • Added a store to the main menu where you can purchase upgrades for you characters. You can buy items that cast status effects, and purchase potions, armor, and weapons.
  • In-app purchasing has been added to let you purchase gold for use in the store
  • Chapter 5: Experience the final chapter of the Dungeon Crawlers story, with new levels and enemies.
  • Rebalanced gameplay and a level select option.
  • Damage calculations are now more accurate and balanced.
  • Various bug fixes and performance improvements; game now runs much better on older devices (e.g. iPad1) with fewer crashes.
  Dungeon Crawlers is available in the App Store.

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