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First Look: Kinect Star Wars Social Networking App

First Look: Kinect Star Wars Social Networking App

April 24, 2012
Microsoft today released an interesting new app that could change how we view our social networking feeds. Kinect Star Wars arrived for Android and Windows devices; the iPhone version will be available soon, according to DesignTaxi. Clearly designed to attract Jedi fans, the new app allows you to view your Facebook and Twitter feeds in the iconic style of the “Star Wars” opening title sequence “crawl.” You are also able to post new messages using the app to both social networking sites. According to Stephen McGill, director of Xbox and entertainment for Microsoft UK
Fans will be able to carry a piece of the Star Wars universe in their pockets and, like the game for Xbox 360, immerse themselves in the incredible world of one of the most enduring entertainment franchises like never before.
While certainly not for everyone, the app looks perfect for those hoping the force is with them. We’ll let you know when Kinect Star Wars arrives for iOS. Kinda cool or gimmicky?

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