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Going Up With Towers

Going Up With Towers

April 20, 2012
Towers by Lightworx icon

Towers ($0.99) by Lightworx is a pleasant 8-bit hit that will bring you back to the days of arcade gaming, while adding an RPG twist. The game scrolls vertically, yet the gameplay will keep you stuck to your seat for hours. It’s addictive, challenging, and worth the small price tag of 99 pennies.

Towers by Lightworx screenshot

Haven’t you ever wished you could be someone else for a day? Well, now you can! You have been transformed into Jack, a humble accountant, who has a big task at hand. Although, it’s tax season, he won’t be crunching any numbers. Instead, Jack will be trying to reach the top of these so-called legendary towers in hopes of having his one wish granted. What is his one wish you may ask? A strong cup of coffee – that’s it.

I’d wish for a billion dollars if I had one wish. Call me greedy, go ahead.

This task is not an easy one considering how many people have attempted to reach the top and failed miserably. By riding the elevator in each level, you will need to dodge bullets, razors, blades, and other obstacles that can kill you. You have some help on your side though. You have learned three special abilities that will be crucial to your success. You can whip out a shield that will absorb the bullets and turn them into mana. With this mana, you can unleash a blast that will eliminate the guns around you, or you can hold it for a bigger blast that will destroy everything in your path. The most useful ability is reverse, which uses the whole mana bar, but turns all the bullets into health allowing you to collect them.

Towers by Lightworx screenshot

Keep your eye out for yellow coins and make sure to collect them. They can be used as experience points to upgrade Jack through your completion of the towers. When in game, just tap the pause button to bring up the upgrade screen.

All the running you do in this game reminds me of Tom Hanks in “Forrest Gump.” The constant action and simple gameplay keep your fingers glued to the screen. Everyone can enjoy this game and I recommend that you buy it today.

What would be your one wish if you reached the top of the legendary towers?

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