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Whoovie Allows You To Review And Share Your Thoughts On Movies With Friends

Whoovie Allows You To Review And Share Your Thoughts On Movies With Friends

April 16, 2012
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Whoovie (Free) by Whoovie is the app for movie nerds.

Let's face it -- movies are amazing. They take us to wonderful worlds for a few hours, where we just escape from the woes of reality and watch the problems of fictional characters. You probably have friends that love movies as much as you do. But what if you want to find out what your friends think of movies they've seen? It can be difficult to filter through all the noise of social networks, like Twitter and Facebook, just to see what your friends think of a certain movie. Fortunately, that's where Whoovie comes in.

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To start using Whoovie, you will need a Facebook account. Unfortunately, there is currently no way around this. I hope that the developers will create their own login methods rather than relying on Facebook in the future, since a lot of people do not like using Zuckerberg’s network.

Once you are logged in, the fun starts. Whoovie is divided into four different sections: Feed, Movies, Watchlist, and Profile. The center button is the “+” button, which brings up a search box for finding a specific movie.

The Movies tab will bring up the currently trending movies on Whoovie (it seems to be popular titles as well as recent releases mostly). If none of these movies are what you’re looking for, you can just search for one.

When a movie is selected, you are able to view information such as when it was released, who directed it, and the genre that it falls under. Additionally, you can even see if Netflix or Amazon have the title available. If anyone has reviewed the movie, you will see their rating and what they thought of it.

As you find movies that you want to voice your opinion on, just tap on the + button – this will take you to the rating screen. From here, you can give it a star rating and a brief description (up to 140 characters, just like Twitter). When it’s submitted, it will show up under that movie for anyone to view. You can also send it to Twitter or Facebook if you wish.

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This is also a great app to find something to watch, not just rate. If you find something you haven't seen, and your friend's reviews are good, then you will want to add it to your Watchlist. You can even view YouTube trailers of movies if they're available. Find a review that you thought was good? Make sure to "like" it by tapping on the heart.

From the Profile section, you can see the movies that you have reviewed, and any likes that you have received. There is an Edit option that allows you to delete reviews, though you should be careful here – there is no confirmation dialogue.

My biggest gripe with the app though, is the fact that it only allows you to see reviews written by other Facebook friends that use the app. When they do start using the app, you will automatically “follow” them, and their reviews will show up in the Feed. You cannot see reviews on movies written by other people that you do not have as friends on Facebook. I thought this was a bit restrictive, since you may not be able to convince all of your Facebook friends to use the app to begin with.

Personally, I would prefer if Whoovie was its own network, instead of being tied down by Facebook. I would love to be able to follow other interesting movie watchers that would have the same taste as me, explore all the reviews being written about a movie, and maybe even have suggested users. Currently, you have to persuade your friends to use yet another app, if you want to get the most use out of Whoovie. I would think that it would just be easier to find other users that are already using the app.

Despite this, I still found Whoovie to be a pleasure to use, mostly because of the interface. The app itself is simply beautiful and it is extremely easy-to-use.

Whoovie is a free app that can definitely be a great tool for finding new movies to watch. The only drawbacks are that you must have a Facebook account, and have friends on Facebook that are also using the app. Hopefully this can change in the future. But if you can convince your friends, this app can be incredibly useful for finding your next flick to watch on a Saturday night.

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