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Jailbreak Only: Lima Is A Browser Based Cydia Alternative That Looks Promising

Jailbreak Only: Lima Is A Browser Based Cydia Alternative That Looks Promising

April 29, 2012
Since the dawn of jailbreaking time, there has always been talk of the next Cydia. Everyone always thought that they could do it better, but alas, all these years later, Cydia is still the top jailbreak store. They show no signs of relinquishing the throne. However, Jeff from iDownloadBlog got his hands on the beta for a brand new Cydia alternative called Lima. What makes this one special? It runs entirely within your device's browser! The layout looks a lot like Cydia. There are: home, sections, search, and more tabs. The home tab has basic information, and I can only assume will be where they push items available for sale on their store. The sections tab is where you browse for tweaks and apps. Search, as you might guess, is where you look for something specific. More is where everything else resides. From here you can look at installed packages, reset cookies, view new packages, and all of that good stuff. According to iDownloadBlog, there are only three repositories supported in the app. Hopefully, when the final version launches you will be able to use more repos, otherwise I can't see this being a success.    

Click here if you can't see the video above.

It's a work in progress, so there could be a lot of improvement coming as it goes into the final version. Check out the incredibly in-depth review on iDownloadBlog for a step by step breakdown of everything that is good and bad about Lima.

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