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Keep The Foxes Away In Bubble Pig

Keep The Foxes Away In Bubble Pig

April 24, 2012
Old-school, 2-D graphics will never get old to me, and Bubble Pig ($0.99) by Donut Games looks like it was made to be played on a Super Nintendo. The game's premise is simple: You must help Bubble Pig light up his fairy tale world to keep the evil foxes away. If you don't, consider yourself dinner. Bubble Pig looks like it got its visual and gameplay influences from platformer classics like Super Mario World, Metroid, and even Earthworm Jim. At least, that's what comes to mind when seeing this gameplay video: See what I mean? Bubble Pig has Game Center and Retina display support, meaning it'll look great to get those in-game achievements on all your iDevices. In addition to looking like a game you'd have on a dusty cartridge in a box somewhere in the garage, more of Bubble Pig's features include (from the app's release notes):
  • 40 LEVELS packed with secrets, food (hey, he's a pig) and bonus items
  • Classic PLATFORM FUN tailored for touch screen controls
  • Foxes with no other hobby than finding new ways to catch the pig
  • Lots of ACHIEVEMENTS to unlock
  • Donut Games' famous 3-star ranking system: Increased replay value!
  • Global High Scores: Submit your scores online
  • Collectors Icon #33
  • Exclusively available for Apple's devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • And so much more...
Bubble Pig is available in the App Store for $0.99 as a universal application. Will this be one you'll be checking out? What are some of your favorite retro-styled iOS games?  

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