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MirrorCase Lets You Record Video More Comfortably

MirrorCase Lets You Record Video More Comfortably

April 20, 2012
Never before has it been so easy to capture important moments in our lives through photos and videos. Thanks to our smartphones, we can document a special event at a moment's notice. Despite the ease of whipping out our iPhones to capture those moments, RHP Multimedia Corp. wants to make it even easier with their Kickstarter project, MirrorCase.

MirrorCase is a case for iPhone 4 and 4S that allows you to use the iPhone's camera in a more natural, ergonomic position. Mirrors in the MirrorCase work like a periscope to reflect any image that is in front of the iPhone to your iPhone's camera. This lets you hold your phone like you would during normal use, rather than holding it in front of your face. When paired with the MirrorCase app, the image is inverted and displayed properly on your screen. You can see MirrorCase in action in this video:

Fortunately, MirrorCase can also record videos in landscape orientation via in-app settings. Another feature of the MirrorCase app is "Privacy Screen," which allows you to have an image displayed on-screen while recording, rather than the live camera feed. This can be used to prevent curious onlookers, or to discreetly record your subject (creepy, I know). With a little over a month to go, MirrorCase is a long way from reaching its $25,000 goal on Kickstarter. A minimum pledge of $50 will get you a MirrorCase, which will retail for $79.95 if all goes well for RHP Multimedia Corp. Will you be backing this project?

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