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Open Heaven's Door With Panicky Angel

Open Heaven's Door With Panicky Angel

April 13, 2012
Panicky Angel by Digitalfrog icon

Panicky Angel ($0.99) by Digitalfrog is about a cute little angel named Rika. She’s a determined little one who set out to deliver a special box. In this special box, there are several wings that will enable other angels to fly. However, en route to delivering this box, Rika collided head on with a red-feathered bird. The collision broke the box open and the wings scattered all around the world. Rika explained to the God what had happened, and he became furious. He ordered her to go search for all of the lost wings and deliver them as planned. If she doesn’t complete this delivery, she will not be allowed in heaven any longer.

Prayer will not save her now.

Panicky Angel by Digitalfrog screenshot

Through your adventure spanning over 60 levels in five unique zones, you will control Rika and help her retrieve the lost wings. By tilting your device left or right, will need to collect as many coins and wings as possible to reach the desired three stars for the level. While collecting, you will need to dodge obstacles, so you don’t hurt little Rika. More of the pesky birds will fly at you too. You can slap the birds with your wings by tapping the screen when they get near Rika. You will also be given certain power ups to help you in more challenging levels, and when fighting bosses.

The gameplay is so smooth with the touch and tilt gestures. The fairy tale graphics really fit the setting of the game. The sounds are cute as you whack the birds from the sky. All in all, it’s a pleasurable experience. It’s easy to play and a perfect game for any age group.

Panicky Angel by Digitalfrog screenshot

With 60 levels and the determination to get all three stars for every level, this game has loads of replay value. Everyone will find something to love about little Rika and this adventure. There's also an iPad version coming soon.

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