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Presenting The FlipSteady For iPad

Presenting The FlipSteady For iPad

April 13, 2012
Still haven’t found the perfect iPad case for you? Consider the FlipSteady, now being considered at Kickstarter for the iPad 2 and new iPad. Created by NewPencil Inc., the FlipSteady becomes a versatile stand simply by opening the cover. Accordingly, it “fluidly transitions” between numerous standing positions, and “there is no need to even touch the stand.” Currently, the FlipSteady is being offered in two versions. The FlipSteady Grip ($65) is the non-magnetic version of the case. This version has snap fasteners and a non-slip footing. The FlipSteady Pro ($75) is the magnetic version. Take a look:   While we’re impressed with how the FlipSteady looks and are intrigued by its many uses, one question remains. There is no mention as to what materials are used in creating the stand, only that it is “a patent pending invention.” Nonetheless, if you’re interested in learning more about FlipSteady and/or want to purchase one, please visit NewPencil’s Kickstarter page.  They hope to raise $10,000 before June 11, 2012. To date they’ve received pledges of $1,401. UPDATE: We asked, and NewPencil answered:
I noticed that your blog begged the question "What's it made of?" Below is the answer. We will also update the Kickstarter page. We chose the finest fabrics available to make the FlipSteady: .04" thick aluminum stiffeners are precisely laminated between a layer of Ultrasuede soft fabric and Majilite Marine grade upholstery fabric. The fabric has a wonderfully light hand and is durable enough to last years and years to come. Both fabrics are stain resistant and are known for their ability to be cleaned with ease.
Thanks, Isaiah!

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