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Product Review: Qmadix Xtreme and Metalix Cases For iPhone 4 And 4S

Product Review: Qmadix Xtreme and Metalix Cases For iPhone 4 And 4S

April 10, 2012
When it comes to protecting your iPhone, the possibilities are virtually endless. There are literally thousands of cases available, whether they're from well-known brands like Griffin and Belkin, or from newer brands like Qmadix, who recently launched a new line of cover solutions for the iPhone 4. Qmadix has given me the opportunity to check out their new cases — the Xtreme ($34.99) and the Metalix ($24.99) — so let's get down to the details, shall we? The Xtreme case consists of three parts: a silicone shock absorber, a Duro-Vest (polycarbonate) protector with a built-in kickstand, and a holster that can be clipped onto a belt or bag. You slip the phone into the silicone cover, which then slips into the polycarbonate protector for added protection. Although use of the holster is completely optional, I found it gave an extra layer of protection when needed. The Metalix case, however, is more straightforward. It's a snap-on case that protects the sides and back of your phone. The back of the Metalix is aluminum, whereas the sides are constructed of a rubberized polycarbonate.

The Good

Xtreme case: Without being too excited to try a case I thought I wouldn't enjoy, the case was better than I expected. It didn't add too much bulk to the iPhone and actually made it much easier to hold. While holstered, it completely protected my phone. I spent a day out hiking and rock climbing with the Xtreme case clipped onto my belt, and it held up fine after hours of bumping into rocks. The kickstand is also a nice touch. I don't feel it's necessary, but it works well and stands your phone at a good angle for movies or FaceTime. Metalix case: This is one of the most comfortable cases I've ever used. Its rubberized finish has a great texture that makes your phone feel much more solid. It adds the perfect amount of weight to your phone without adding any bulk. The Metalix doesn't promise any extreme protection, but I would trust it to protect my phone from a typical phone drop.

The Bad

Xtreme case: The silicone protector is a little too flimsy for my liking. This case isn't the most pocket-friendly, and pulling it out of my pants pocket would sometimes pull parts of the silicone off my phone, or the corner contacts of the Duro-Vest protector would come undone. Although holstering the phone gives it the most protection, it's impossible to holster it with the screen facing out. Any time you need to see your phone, it has to come out of the holster. Metalix case: No complaints.


Qmadix has created some fine cases that can cater to everybody. Their Xtreme case offers full protection without taking away from the familiarity of using the iPhone, but its overall execution could use a little work. The Metalix is a great bare-bones case that protects your phone and looks good while doing it. Both cases are nothing new in the realm of iPhone cases, but both do what they promise and are worth checking out if you get a chance. For more information and color options (Metalix only), visit Qmadix, where you can get their Xtreme case for $34.99 and their Metalix case for $29.99.

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