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2012 Insane Rat Race Is Far From Your Typical Rat Race

2012 Insane Rat Race Is Far From Your Typical Rat Race

April 21, 2012
2012 Insane Rat Race by ICON MOBI icon

2012 Insane Rat Race ($0.99) by ICON MOBI is an endless runner that takes you on a trip through a mismatch of different environments.

You command a rat that happens to have a jetpack strapped on his back. Just like Jetpack Joyride, all you have to do is tap and hold the screen to fly through the air.

However, unlike Jetpack Joyride, you can’t change out your jetpack and the one you do have isn’t so responsive.

2012 Insane Rat Race by ICON MOBI screenshot

What this game does offer over Jetpack is its randomness. One moment you’re going through a normal park-like background, the next you’re strolling by the game’s source code.

Other backgrounds include “advertise here,” the Internet zone, the OMG zone, and even a pitch black screen.

When you die you’re presented with the choice to pick either the red or blue pill. Choosing correctly will send you right back into the action. An incorrect guess results in the choice of playing from a checkpoint or ending the game.

One of the main features of an endless runner game is how the levels are never the same experience twice. The best you can do is become familiar with controlling your character to respond to the random obstacles.

However, this game always has the obstacles planted in the same spot. You know that at point “x” you will need to jump over the android and then get back down to avoid the one missile flying across the middle area of the screen.

In this case, it becomes less of trying to anticipate what may come next, and shifts toward trying to remember movement patterns.

This game is more about the experience, rather than trying to get a high score (there isn’t one). While an admirable goal, I think the experience is too little and not varied enough.

Those looking for an endless runner that bends the rules will want to check this out.

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