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Bloop For iPad Is Like If iOS Existed In The 80s

Bloop For iPad Is Like If iOS Existed In The 80s

April 27, 2012
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Bloop for iPad ($0.99) by Rusty Moyher turns your iPad into an 8-bit arcade board game (if ever that was possible). This old school games works with old school multiplayer (that is, playing against opponents in person).

Sit the iPad on a table and anywhere from two to four players can play.

Each player will be designated a color (blue, orange, green, and purple). Tap your color to score a point (though you don’t see the scoreboard until the end) and another randomly colored square will pop in its place.

All the while, your opponent(s) are doing the same.

Bloop for iPad by Rusty Moyher screenshot

Gameplay quickly escalates from a grid of large blocks to much smaller ones. Using all of your fingers is not only highly recommended, it’s actually part of the rules (so is shoving, but I guess that’s more of a house rule).

Each colored square has its own “bloop” sound, which actually becomes melodic amid the chaos of tapping squares.

Once the game finishes a fanfare plays before announcing the winner. The winner’s colored squares will fill the screen. Next, a tally of total squares hit will display for each player. You’ll also be greeted with a random quote.

I advise that before playing the game, you go into your iPad’s settings and turn off multitasking gestures. The fast-paced nature of this game, combined with using multiple touches, can quickly lead to swiping to the next open app or prematurely closing it.

This game is so simple it’s brilliant. Even without reading this review, you would be able to sit down and immediately understand how to play. There’s just something cool about hearing the bloop sounds.

The app also makes a nice party game (though you can play by yourself). Even my two year old daughter enjoyed playing the game.

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